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Welcome to the website of Liefst Leuven. Liefst Leuven is always looking for musicians to brighten up the streets & squares of Leuven City. 

We're searching for musicians for the dates below. The required style of music can be found at the end of the line for every event. Please read this and the information below carefully.

  • Saturday 3th & Sunday 4th September: Leuven Kermis: folk ambiance & folklore
  • Saturday 1th, Sunday 2nd & Saturday 8th October: Weekend van de klant & sustainable day: jazzy vibes
  • Sunday 6th November: Sunday shopping: the hunt / brass instruments
  • Saturday 4th December: Sunday shopping: known songs of Sinterklaas / Saint Nicholas
  • Saturday 10th, Sunday 11th, Saturday 17th & Sunday 18th December: Christmas shopping: Christmas music

The basic information & requirements:

  • You can register as a solist or as a group.
  • You can register for one, two, ... but also for all the available dates.
  • You'll play 3 times 45 minutes between 14h and 17h.
  • You'll play in the center of Leuven, in open air. When the weather is bad, we'll provide a tent so you (and your instrument) will stay dry.
  • Our backstage is at Leuven Central, Margarethaplein 3. You can store your personal items here and relax in between your sessions.
  • You'll receive a compensation of €200 if you're a solist or €300 if you're performing with two or more.
    •  ! You need to have a kunstenaarskaart (KVR) or VAT number (invoice). We can't employ, nor pay you otherwise.

More questions? Send them to

Registration form
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